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Living with the seas - World Ocean Review
> The oceans are difficult to comprehend in their inaccessibility and dimension, and for the most part elude our awareness. And they have hardly an advocate nor a lobby. This is all the more remarkable given that the oceans have a significant impact on our climate and are an increasingly important source of food. In order to raise public awareness of marine science and thus contribute to more effective marine protection, mareverlag founded the non-profit company maribus in 2008. No commercial thought, but only the highest possible attention for the concerns of the seas should be in the foreground.


Who we are

The "World Ocean Reviews" are published by maribus, the non-profit limited liability company founded by mareverlag. maribus was founded for the specific purpose of raising public awareness of marine science and thus contributing to more effective marine protection. Our publications are not sold, but given away free of charge.

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The publications of maribus gGmbh, the "World Ocean Reviews", are not sold but distributed free of charge. They are a collaboration of the following partners:

  • The German Marine Research Consortium pools the expertise of German marine research. Its members are made up of all research institutions active in marine, polar and coastal research.
  • The International Ocean Institute, which was founded in 1972 by Elisabeth Mann-Borgese.
  • The Future Ocean network: Here, researchers from the marine and economic sciences, medicine, mathematics, computer science, and the legal, social and societal sciences pool their expertise to study ocean and climate change.
  • mare – The magazine of the seas.

The aim of the "World Ocean Reviews" is to present scientifically validated findings in an understandable form and thus to serve all those who wish to participate actively and in a well-founded manner in the current discussions in the field of marine research.

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